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The term foot strain implies a subacute or chronic strain of the tarsal ligaments, not an acute injury from sudden violence.

It may be caused in a normal foot by excessive standing or walking by a person unaccustomed to it: but it occurs mostly in those with a long established foot deformity such as pes planus or pes cavus, when the ligaments of the foot may be inadequately protected by muscles.

Clinical features

The main symptoms are prolonged aching in the feet, worse on standing or walking, often with aching also in the calves.


The state of the circulation should be checked, for the symptoms may be confused with those of intermittent claudication from ischaemia of the calf muscles. Full examination of the central nervous system is also essential, lest some underlying disease be overlooked. And in young boys with obscure foot or leg symptoms the possibility of? muscular dystrophy should always be borne in mind

Should be by reducing the time spent in standing and walking, by the fitting of an arch support if indicated, by supervised foot and toe exercise, and sometimes by electrical stimulation to strengthen the muscles of the leg and foot.

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Foot Strain

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