Ultrafoot CAD-CAM system
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With state-of-the-art ULTRAFOOT technology, we can produce a custom orthotic which evenly redistributes weight-bearing forces on the foot and can relieve almost every common foot pain. In clinical studies, ULTRAFOOT orthotics have proven to: release foot pressure when walking or standing , relieve foot pain and fatigue, protect feet from sports injuries and improve overall foot comfort and health.

The revolutionary 3D Sole Measurer (patents world  wide) incorporates sophisticated electronic sensors and computer technology. . Through our innovative design, the 3D Sole Measurer electronically replicates the three dimensional contours of your
foot undersurface while weight bearing. The pressure from your foot deflects hundreds of soft
pins on the 3D Sole Measurer to produce an exact negative imageof your foot. This image is digitally transferred into a proprietary computer software program, which allows us to fabricate CUSTOM ULTRAFOOT Orthotics that perfectly match the undersurface of your foot.


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